Collection: Vintage & Secondhand

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One of a kind garments & accessories from decades gone by.

All Absolute Rubbish vintage and secondhand pieces are available online for 45 days.  All things in this life are finite.  After 45 days, if not sold, pieces will be repurposed into new pieces in the Absolute Rubbish collection.

Email about custom restoration, fitting or alterations.

Please note, pricing is based on the quality & type of garment as well as how much it is worth to me, Charmain Bertram, the owner of these pieces.  Some of these beautiful gems I have no intention of letting out of my life for less than what I deem them worth.

Vintage & Secondhand lovers, I hope you have that serendipitous moment and find a piece or two (or more!) that sparks joy!

Happy Hunting, Loves!