Fashion meets Sustainability

One designer's trash is another’s treasure.  The parent company, Integrity Designs, which produces Absolute Rubbish is a  small run manufacturing company for local designers in Toronto.  At the end of a collection designers who order bolts of fabric are almost always left with extra yardage.  That’s called a remnant.  And that’s where we come in!  When we’re not taking apart secondhand garments and upholstery items to create our designs we’re collecting end of the bolt remnants from local designers.

I love clothes.  I care deeply about the environment.  There’s a lot of stuff out there and a planet that’s filling up fast!  Fast fashion has created such an incredible surplus of textile goods being produced and thrown away every day.  I hate waste and I see value in all things.  Absolute Rubbish is entirely sourced from local designer’s remnant fabrics, secondhand clothing and upholstery ends.  “Eco” is not necessarily about bamboo, hemp and organic cotton fabrics.  Using what already is and working with what you’ve got (or what others get rid of) reduces the environmental footprint created from the manufacturing of textiles and the packaging and shipping bolts around the world from mill to supplier to designer/manufacturer.  

Designing this way means every collection is a limited run.  When you purchase an Absolute Rubbish piece you are acquiring one of only a few pieces available in the world!  Be unique!  Be bold!

At Absolute Rubbish even our shipping materials are secondhand!  I’ve been saving boxes, mailers and tissue paper for YEARS!   I always knew there was a reason! ;) 

I hope you enjoy your Absolute Rubbish piece.  
I thank you for your support and the planet thanks you for treading lighter!

XO Char



Funky twists to classic cuts.


All made from second hand pieces and materials.